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After graduating with High Honors from a well-respected law school, Wes Sullenger began his career with a coveted judicial clerkship for an appellate court judge. He then moved into a mid-sized law firm with a national litigation practice focusing on employment law and commercial litigation matters. In 2005, Mr. Sullenger moved to Paducah, Kentucky so his wife could be closer to her family.

In Paducah, Mr. Sullenger spent a year as a professor at a newly-created law school. Through all these experiences, Mr. Sullenger felt limited in his ability to act in the best interests of his clients by bureaucratic rules.

In 2006, Mr. Sullenger laid the foundation for opening his own law firm. By 2007, he formed the Sullenger Law Office. Sullenger Law Office initially handled only employment discrimination matters, successfully pursuing claims of disability discrimination, race discrimination, and sexual harassment. The firm gradually expanded its practices, drawing on Mr. Sullenger's previous experience with business law matters, retaliation claims, First Amendment claims, and other matters.

Since its founding, the firm has added attorneys and staff members to expand its services. Those other professionals brought experience with family law, criminal law, and other matters. While the other professionals have come and gone through the years, Sullenger Law Office has gained knowledge and experience through their associations enabling it to serve clients in virtually all situations.

Firm Philosophy

Mr. Sullenger primarily performs employment law work but maintains a full-service practice. He is dedicated to the proposition that law firms should exist to create opportunities for client service and not only to give lawyers a reason to do unnecessary work to justify their salaries.

Mr. Sullenger is licensed and practices in courts in three states, handling criminal law, family law, estate, and other matters in Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee to go along with his employment law practice. Mr. Sullenger is dedicated to providing legal services as good or better than any large law firm without the large firm hassles.

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