Protecting Your Assets and Property Using a Trust

Individuals can create a Trust to maintain their property or assets to ensure they are used in their desired fashion while they are alive and even after death. Trusts can be created in an infinite variety of ways, limited only by the needs of the individual. As such, Trusts are a powerful tool to protect both one's assets and those to whom he intends to leave them.

Although they can be used for many purposes, Trusts are commonly used in a few situations. One may want to ensure his child has financial support after his death, but are afraid that giving a large sum of money will be harmful to the child. That individual could place the money in a trust and direct the "trustee" who manages the trust to distribute the money in designated amounts over time to the child. One could also place his investments or property in a Trust that will allow the trustee to manage the assets and sell them under the right market conditions.

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