Child Support

Child support is one of the most common areas of post-divorce disputes. The divorce decree will establish which parent must pay child support and the amount to be paid. While this seems simple, many issues can arise that may bring parties back to court long after their divorce.

First, it is important to know that the amount of child support can be changed. When the financial circumstances of the parent who has to pay the support change to a material extent according to a legal formula, that individual can get the support obligation reduced. By doing so, the parent ensures money will still go to the support of his or her child but will still have money to put food on his or her own table.

Second, an individual who is paying child support is entitled to visitation with the child. If the ex-wife, for example, will not allow visitation, the ex-husband may be able to have his child support obligation terminated until he is allowed his visitation. Alternatively, a parent may not be allowed to move with the child to a location so far away that visitation would be impossible if the other parent is paying child support.

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