Unpaid Off-The-Clock Work

One of the most common violations of federal employment law is off-the-clock work. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to compensate employees for all "work time," which means all time the employees spend in service of the employer. Many employers, however, believe they do not have to pay for significant amounts of work time.

Employers often require employees to attend meetings during their off-work hours. They may also require employees to wait on customers, turn on computers, or prepare the workplace before they clock in to start work. Some employers require employees to perform paperwork or perform other functions after they have clocked out to end their shifts. Some employees are paid only a flat rate for all work they perform, instead of being paid for all hours involved in doing a job. Some employers also automatically deduct time for breaks and/or meals from their employees' pay but fail to credit employees who are required to perform work during their break or meal periods. These things and all other forms of performing work off the clock without compensation violate the law.

Attorney Wes Sullenger has helped numerous employees recover wages they have lost because of unpaid off-the-clock work, which can also result in overtime liability. Call us at (270) 443-9401 to schedule a consultation if you have been required to perform off-the-clock work so we can evaluate your case and discuss how we can help you.

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